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Year - End Awards should be submitted to the Illinois Submission Portal by 11:59pm on 12/20/2024. Award submissions are free for each chapter! 



 Reach out to 2024 Programming VP Megan O'Brien at with any questions!

All chapters regardless of their current membership result for 2024 should submit an award.  The State Team will evaluate each submission on a variety of factors.   We will honor those projects and individuals that we select at the State Year-End Awards on February 1.  Some of these winners will move on to national award consideration.   Ignore the instructions on the top of the JCI USA Forms on the submission timelines.  The State Team will handle submitting eligible awards to the national level for consideration.   


Illinois Submission Portal​​

With the Illinois Submission Portal, it is best if you use a computer compared to a mobile device.   You are encouraged to submit your submissions at once (you can save your progress in JotForm) but you can also submit multiple times on the portal if that is easier.  

JCI USA Award Manual (2023) - This gives you more information on the JCI USA Awards and how they are judged. This is a good reference to use to make sure you are including key points in the nomination form so they can be judged appropriately. 

JCI 2023 Plan of Action The nominations ask for how the chapter, person, or project advance the action plan. 

JCI USA 2023 Plan of Action

Chapter Submissions

Chapter Submission Form- Use this form to submit the chapter for a Year-End Award.  All chapters are encouraged to submit a chapter award.  Submitting in the Best Chapter Category better supports you if you choose to submit your chapter to win an Area of Opportunity (AOO) Award at the State Level.   The State Recognizes a variety of chapters based on chapter size at the State Year-End all chapters should submit so their work can be recognized! 

Chapter Visionary Award Form-

This award is presented annually to the local chapter which best exemplifies the JCI Mission and Vision through innovation against adversity. The award is creatively named from our 100 years of as an organization stemming from the vision of Henry Giessenbier in the 1910’s.  See Award's Manual or JotForm for more specifics. 

Officer Submissions

Local Officer Form - Use this form for Local Presidents, Local VPs, State Director, Local Director, Treasurer, or Secretary. For State Directors, Local Directors, Treasurer, or Secretary leave the first question “for which award is this application for” blank.   Remember that the State has specific categories for all these different positions which are slightly different than the national categories. You are encouraged to recognize all of your non-VP officers like Treasurer, Secretary, or Local Director so they can be recognized by the state as they have their own specific category at the state level.

Member Submissions

Local Member

Use this form for “Jaycee of the Year”, “Rookie of the Year”, or “Outstanding Family”.

Most Outstanding Local Members - John H. Armbruster Memorial Award

Most Outstanding Families - Andrew and Charlotte Mungenast Memorial Award

Empowerment Award Form

This award is presented annually to the local members who best exemplify the JCI Mission and Vision through personal and professional growth outside of their JCI Experiences. The award is creatively named from our Mission statement and our underlying WHY as an organization. This award is based on the following criteria: individual’s impact on their personal growth and development; participation in training, orientation and development programs; participation in external (outside of JCI) community events; exemplification of JCI WHY


Project Submissions

When deciding which category to submit a project into, use the project category document to help you decide. You can only submit a project into one category even if they fit within multiple areas. Think about the primary goal or purpose of the project. When judging the project, the State Team may decide to move the project into consideration into a different category if we feel it might better fit into a different category.

Before submitting a project, please review the Awards Manual to help you pick an award and get tips.  Reach out to VP Andi if you need help selecting a category.   

NEW! Videos are encouraged as they are required for national, but not required for state. Videos must be in horizontal view. See the Awards manual for guidelines.

Project Submission Form - Use this to submit your single project entry (SPE).

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