Year - End Awards should be submitted to the website by 11:59pm on 1/6/22. Each award submission has a fee of $10. Reach out to 2021 Programming VP Jessi Neighbors at with any questions!

Submission Information -This has some of the same information as this page plus how to name your submissions.

JCI USA Award Manual (2019) - This gives you more information on the JCI USA Awards and how they are judged. This is a good reference to use to make sure you are including key points in the nomination form so they can be judged appropriately. Note: This is the 2019 manual. Once the 2021 manual is released, the link will be updated.

Illinois Certification Form - This should be completed by every chapter submitting a Year-End Award. With each submission, you may provide a document including up to 8 photographs, images, etc. Name this additional document exactly the same as the submission it relates to, adding the “(photos)” at the end of the file name. 

NOTE: The state uses the JCI USA National Forms for submissions. As of December 16, 2021 the 2021 submission forms are not yet released. For the state submission, you can use the previous year forms. This means the dates on the forms should be one year latr. Example: Membership as of December 31, 2020 is December 31, 2021. Once the national forms are released, we will update the links and the website will be noted that these are the 2021 forms. You can submit either the 2020 or 2021 forms to the state for your 2021 nomination. If your nomination is selected to move on to the national level, you would have to move your nomination to the 2021 form.


Chapter Submissions

Chapter Submission Form - Use this form to submit the chapter for a Year-End Award. Submitting in the Best Chapter Category allows you to submit an entry for Area of Opportunity (AOO). These are judged individually (see IL Certification Form under GIESSENBIER).

Officer Submissions

Local Officer Form - Use this form for Local Presidents, Local VPs, State Director, Local Director, Treasurer, or Secretary. For State Directors, Local Directors, Treasurer, or Secretary leave the first question “for which award is this application for” blank.

IL Officer Form - This acts like a “cover letter” and must be submitted with each officer nomination.

Member Submissions

Member Submission – Use this form for “Jaycee of the Year”, “Rookie of the Year”, or “Outstanding Family”.


Project Submissions

When deciding which category to submit a project into, use the project category document to help you decide. You can only submit a project into one category even if they fit within multiple areas. Think about the primary goal or purpose of the project. When judging the project, the State Team may decide to move the project into consideration into a different category if we feel it might better fit into a different category.


Project categories - Use this document to help select which category to place your single project entry (SPE). One category added in 2019 not included in this document is Best Local Peace Project. For more information on this category, check out the 2019 Awards Manual.


Project Submission Form - Use this to submit your single project entry (SPE).